Ten physics band names

Only a few physicists have ever achieved true rock star status, but that doesn’t stop the rest of them from joining bands. Physics labs around the world play host to numerous official and unofficial rock bands, from CDF’s Drug Sniffing Drugs (last seen crying into their beers at the afterparty for the Tevatron shutdown) to Les Horribles Cernettes across the Atlantic. Below, ten suggestions for band names inspired by the history of my favorite science. Suggested styles, if any, in parentheses.

1. The Ultraviolet Catastrophe

2. The Strangelets (60s-style girl group)

3. Enrico Fermi and the Chicago Piles

4. Los Alamos Ranch School (songs to wear sweaters to)

5. Charm and Strange (acoustic duo, lots of whistling)

6. Spectral Lines (electronica)

7. I Am Become Death (metal)

8. SUSY and the Banshees (80s cover band)

9. Cosmic Ray (lounge singer)

10. Higgsino and the WIMPs

Leave your suggestions for hit singles in the comments. For more on the music physicists make, check out this article in symmetry.


3 Comments on “Ten physics band names”

  1. telescoper says:

    Dirac Straits?

  2. johnjomckenzie says:

    They were ALL cover bands mind you …

    The Ultraviolet Catastrophe covered “Blue (Rayleigh-)Jeans” by Lana Del Rey

    The Strangelets covered “Up And Down” by Pretty Ricky

    Enrico Fermi and the Chicago Piles – don’t know their songs but they made a racquet!

    Los Alamos Ranch School – covered Rush by playing “Manhattan Project”

    Charm & Strange covered Hawkwind’s song “Quark, Strangeness And Charm”

    Spectral Lines were the easiest, as they covered Florence and the Machine’s “Spectrum”

    SUSY and the Banshees did “Mirage” and “Peek-A-Boo”

    I Am Become Death just grunted lines from “Bhagavad Gita” whilst playing very loud guitars & drums.

    Cosmic Ray obviously sang “The Sun’s Gonna Shine Again”

    Higgsino and the WIMPs famously covered Bob Dylan’s “I’m Not There” in Geneva.

    – Have you come across The Diagram Brothers? ….. They were a post-punk band from Manchester active between 1979 and 1982 and featured Andy Diagram and Richard Feynman

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